Terms of Service Agreement

This statement was last updated on 24 August 2018

The use of services provided by PremiumAccountOriginal establishes an agreement to these terms. By registering or using our services you agree that you have read and fully understood the following Terms of Service and  PremiumAccountOriginal will not be held liable for loss in any way for users who have not read the below terms of service.
1. General
  • By placing an order with PremiumAccountOriginal , you automatically accept all the below-listed term of services whether you read them or not.
  • We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice. You are expected to read all terms of service before placing every order to ensure you are up to date with any changes or any future changes.
  • You will only use the  PremiumAccountOriginal website in a manner which follows all agreements made with all social media websites on their individual Terms of Service page.
  • PremiumAccountOriginal  rate is subject to change at any time without notice. The payment/refund policy stays in effect in the case of rate changes.
  • Disclaimer:  PremiumAccountOriginal will not be responsible for any damages you or your business may suffer.
  • Liabilities:  PremiumAccountOriginal is in no way liable for any account suspension or picture deletion done by Instagram/Facebook or Twitter.

  • 2. Service
  • PremiumAccountOriginal  will only be used to promote your Social Media Profile account and help boost your "Appearance" only.
  • We DO NOT guarantee your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee you to get the followers you pay for.
  • You will not upload anything to the  PremiumAccountOriginal site including nudity or any material that is not accepted or suitable for the Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter community.

  • 3. Payment/Refund/Replacement Policy
  • No refunds will be made. After a deposit has been completed, there is no way to reverse it. You must use your balance on orders from PremiumAccountOriginal.
  • Orders once made would NOT BE REFUNDED even if the link you added is WRONG or PRIVATE.
  •  No replacement of premium accounts are given, they are only replaced if a non working account is delivered to you by us.
  • You agree that once you complete a payment, you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason. If you file a dispute or chargeback against us we reserve the right to file a case against you since it is already mention that you agree with our terms and conditions before placing a order.
  • If you file a dispute or chargeback against us after a deposit, we reserve the right to terminate all future orders, also ban you from our site. We also reserve the right to take away any followers or likes we delivered to you or your clients Social Media Profile account.
  • Fraudulent activity such as using unauthorized or stolen credit cards for payments will lead to termination of your account. There are no exceptions.

  • New Twitter Rules

    Twitter is using chain block system now.

    If new accounts are following offender or make Retweet/Fav offender's tweet. Twitter is permanently banning all who broke the terms of service and followers/fans, too! This is a new twitter rule.
    We are selling followers ONLY to Real Users, not to bots or any other malicious usage like spammers, adult content makers, hack soft sellers, racists, terrorists, drug or casino advertisers! Any account that will be found in any way doing these suspicious activities will be stopped from using our Twitter services and will NOT be refunded!
    Those bot activities are hurting all followers and is NOT allowed! Make sure your clients know this rule as those violating these terms and if found will be stopped from using our Twitter services and will not be refunded!

    Example of malicious account is as followed:
  • Fresh/old accounts with no tweets or followers.
  • Old account with tweet older than 1 month.
  • Accounts who just uses the retweets feature from Twitter and is not actively using other modules.

    We will add an automation system to block such user, but meanwhile, we are working on it.
    There will be no refund for such orders after the update and we are allowed to stop such orders now.