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Some Questions answered-

1- Once i purchase the website then will I get free Premium Account, followers and likes?

Ans-  No, You get the website only, the services you have to buy from sellers/providers, and then sell at a higher or slightly higher rate so that you can get the profit 

2- On my website to whom will my customer pay?


Ans-  To you at Your Paytm number. And all the payment methods will be yours. 


3-Suppose i connect your api then i have to send orders manually?

Ans- No once you connect our/any api the orders will be sent automatically but you need to have funds in the account of that panel.

4- Are there any hidden charges?

Ans-   No there is no hidden charge. Every requirement is already mentioned.

Note- If any other question, raise ticket in our website to get connected to our support team.